Bunny Week: Bunny and Carrot Tessellation

I am a big fan of tessellation art. For Bunny Week, I was determined to see if I could make a bunny tessellate. I'm happy to announce that not only was I able to do it, but I LOVE the results. 

I told Steve that it should be our new flooring. Or countertops. I'm nothing if not flexible. (Snorts from all who know me. I am not flexible.)


Bunny and Carrot Tessellation


  • index card
  • scissors
  • tape
  • paper
  • pens


The first step to any tessellation is to start with a rectangle. I cut down an index card so that my finished design would repeat more frequently, but you could use a full-size card. 

Cut an equilateral triangle from one of the short sides of the rectangle. 

Without rotating or flipping it, slide the triangle to the other short side and tape it in place. Now orient your shape vertically and trace it somewhere on the paper. It doesn't matter where you start. Once you've traced it, slide it, line it up with the existing lines, and trace again. Keep doing this, tracing all the way to the edges.  

Here's how it looks after everything is traced.

Now it's time to color it. Use orange and green to turn the triangle portion into carrots...

... and pink to make each bunny's nose and inner ears.

Add eyes, mouths and whiskers with a black pen and your tessellation is complete.

You know... this pattern might look good on our front door. That way, everyone would know what to expect when they enter the deRosier house! 

And finally, more of my favorite bunny crafts from the past. Click on the photos to go to the tutorials. 



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