Bunny Week: Clay Bunny Figurine

I'm wrapping up Bunny Week with a wee little bun.

To make your own, you need black and white Model Magic, a toothpick, 2" of fishing line, and some scissors. Start by mixing a small bit of black into a pack of white Model Magic.

When you have a grey you like, form an oval body, oval head, and two cylindrical ears. (Yes, this bunny is brown, not grey. I made a brown version first to test some things and photographed as I went. Apparently I did not photograph the same steps with the grey bunny.)

Use the toothpick to flatten and elongate the ears slightly by pressing it flat against each ear. It will form an indentation. You can choose to leave the ears flat, or prop them up a bit. Rabbit ears go all sorts of directions. 

Add a small, oval tail. Rabbit tails aren't spheres

With the tip of the toothpick, poke a tiny hole for each eye. Then poke three little holes on each side of the nose for the whiskers. 

Cut the fishing line into itty bitty pieces and insert a piece in each of the whisker holes. (Poof! Back to grey!) Let the Model Magic air dry for at least two days.


To wrap up Bunny Week, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts about owning a bunny as a pet. Rabbits are wonderful pets, but they are a big responsibility and a long-term commitment. Like a dog or cat, rabbits should have freedom to move around the house and be near people and not be confined to a cage for the majority of the time. They need to be fed the correct foods, taken to the vet for checkups, and given plenty of love and attention. Do not get a rabbit unless you are educated and prepared to give it a good home for many years. To read more about our life with a house rabbit, click on the photos and/or links.

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