Bunny Week: Bunny Banner

I probably should have posted this banner on Monday, because how can you possibly celebrate Bunny Week without proper decorations? Fortunately, it's never too late.

Bunny Banner


  • grey, white, and/or tan cardstock scraps
  • scissors
  • glue
  • yarn
  • painter's tape



For each bunny, cut an oval body, an oval head, and two ears from white, grey or tan cardstock. Cut a small white oval, flattened on one side, for the tail. Glue the parts together, varying the positions of the heads and ears. 

Hang the yarn, then use painter's tape to attach each bunny to the wall so that it looks like it's hanging on the string. 

Each bunny has its own personality. Or, if you make the bunnies all the same color, you could show different moods of the same bunny

 Need more bunny craft ideas? Here are some favorites from way back.


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