Wrapping a Gift with a Coloring Book and Pens

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I came home from the Creativation show in January with a bunch of samples of new products, including this coloring book and gel pen set from Leisure Arts:

I really like the patterns in this book and the gel pens are fabulous. They'd make a great gift for anyone who loves arts and crafts. In fact, they'd also make good gift WRAP for anyone who loves arts and crafts! 


Coloring Page and Gel Pen Gift Wrap



Select a page from the coloring book and tear it out. Using the paper trimmer, remove about 1/8" from the length and width of the page.

Assemble the shirt box and fill it with art supplies or whatever else you're giving the recipient. Put the lid on, then adhere the coloring page to the top of the lid.

Cut a long length of curling ribbon and tie it around the box. Do not trim the extra ribbon.

Remove the pens from their container and gather them in a bundle. Set the bundle down on the ribbon and tie the ribbon securely around the pens. Curl the ends of the ribbon and it's ready to go!

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