PicMonkey Membership: Premium vs. Supremium

I am a rabid fan of PicMonkey, as you probably know. I started with the free version of PicMonkey a a few years ago and loved it. It's ridiculously easy to learn and use. But I kept noticing all the cool features of the Royale membership that I couldn't access. I started the free trial, loved it, and signed up before the 7 days ended. I use it multiple times a week for my Fun Family Crafts job, as well as for my own blog and my crafting and I can't imagine not having the access to all of the editing tools, special effects, fonts, touch-ups, overlays, and everything else. They recently added templates (like this one) and I've become addicted to the speed and ease to using them.

PicMonkey just announced that the Royale membership is now Premium and they've added another membership tier, called Supremium. Here are the differences:

There are no changes between the Royale membership I had before and the Premium membership that it became. Touch-up tools, overlays, fonts, templates, limited storage... check. The Supremium membership adds unlimited storage of re-editable pictures, as well as a better way to organize them. Here's how the costs compare:

I currently have 20 projects in Hub, including my blog header, logo, business card, and headshot. I can definitely see the appeal of keeping all my edited photos in PicMonkey. I'm going to stick with Premium for a little while, but I'm pretty sure that as soon as I have 50 projects in Hub, I'll make the switch to Supremium. 

If you do any photo editing at all (or would like to give it a try for the first time), head over to PicMonkey for the free trial. Let me know what you think!


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