Plans for 45

My 45th birthday has come and gone without mention here on the blog. For the past 5 years, I've blogged on March 12 about my upcoming birthday project, then shared my progress throughout the year. I've had so much fun with each of the projects I've done.

Never say never, but I don't think I'm going to be blogging about a project for 45. I'm still finishing the layouts for the 40-4-Steve project, with 13 more to make and share. I am actively working on CONNECT, my One Little Word for 2017. I still need to make the migration from Blogger to Wordpress, and there are many other things I want to do with my blog. I have some personal goals and plans as well that would not make very interesting blog fodder. In short, you can still expect to see the same kinds of things I've always blogged about (kids' crafts, scrapbooking, rabbits, food, parties, and whatever else strikes my fancy) five days a week, but it probably won't take the form of a birthday project. But like I said, never say never!

On a whim, I entered "45th birthday" in the Amazon search bar and came up with some fun stuff. You can get each of these for any age. They'd make great gifts.


  1. I love those shirts! I am always on the hunt for the next birthday for Brookie!!!!!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I think it's fun to switch things up a bit.


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