Quilled Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day is coming up. Here's an easy card a child can make for Mom, Grandma, or a godmother. 

Quilled Mother's Day Card


  • cardstock (lavender)
  • paper trimmer
  • copy paper (purple and pink) or precut quilling paper
  • round toothpick or quilling tool
  • craft glue


1. Cut the cardstock to make a card base. 

2. Use the trimmer to cut the copy paper into strips approximately 3/8" wide. You'll need one pink strip and two purple strips.

3. Start with the heart. Fold the pink strip in half, then use the toothpick or quilling tool to quill each end in toward the folded point. Adjust the heart to make it symmetric. Add a tiny amount of craft glue to the edge of the heart and attach it in the center of the card.

4. To make the M's, fold the purple strips in half. Fold each end to make the peaks of an M, then use the quilling tool to shape the ends. Glue the M's on either side of the heart. 

I made this project as part of Craft Lightning. To see lots of other quick Mother's Day crafts, check out Happy Hour Projects, The Country Chic Cottage, and 30 Minute Crafts each day this week!


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