I knew next to nothing about Gibraltar before traveling there last spring. What a cool place! Highlights of our time there included monkeys, phosphorescent cave walls, miles of tunnels, the Spanish border, and views of Africa. I definitely recommend a visit.

Gibraltar (affiliate link)

Somehow, when I chose my photos, I didn't include the limestone caves with the phosphorescent material in the walls. Fortunately, I did mention it in my journaling and in the blog post about our visit.... which brings me to a question I've been asked more than once. Why do I bother making scrapbook layouts of trips when I blog about them in much greater detail, using far more photos? There are several reasons:

First, because I love scrapbooking. Sure, blogging is definitely a form of memory keeping and I love it, but it will never replace scrapbooking for me. Decoratively gluing photos to paper is literally my favorite thing to do. 

Second, my scrapbooks are physical. We can take them off the shelf and flip through them and spark memories. While I hope my blog will live forever, I don't have as much control over it as I do a physical album. I can't guarantee that my blog will live through technological changes or whatnot, but my albums will. 

Third, I earn money through scrapbook affiliates. This is a minor reason, but it's still a reason. Companies are paying me to do what is literally my very favorite thing. I can't imagine anyone would give that up!

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  1. Sounds like a great place...
    I still do physical scrapbooks because people do enjoy flipping through them at reunions.


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