Fall Roundups

It's been a long time since I've shared any Fun family Crafts roundups. Here are the latest ones I've done. You can click on each graphic to go to the post and find the tutorials. 

First, jack-o-lantern crafts. The graphic came together quickly and easily, but boy did I struggle with the text in the post! Should I use hyphens? An apostrophe? Spaces? Ack! At Fun Family Crafts, we use the tag "jack o lantern" on the back end for consistency, but use a variety of different spellings on the visible portion of the blog. I mixed things up throughout the text, hoping to capture a variety of search terms, but went with jack-o'-lantern for the graphic. One of these is mine. Do you recognize it?

ideas for fun jack-o-lantern crafts for kids

When I made the graphic for the Mummy roundup, I intentionally chose projects with some color in them so that the entire thing wouldn't just be a wall of white with occasional eyeballs. Doesn't that pumpkin cookie mummy look delicious?! I would have chosen it even if it didn't have the bits of orange adding color to the photo. 

I just love fall colors, both in nature and in graphic design. When I made the graphic for the acorn roundup, I stretched one photo across three columns, making it a colorful header below the actual header. Not only do I love the way it looks, but it let me arrange the other nine photos into a perfect grid (and you all know how much I love a grid). 

When I looked through all 75+ ghost crafts we've featured, I was pleased with the variety. I was also impressed with how many were edible! Half of the ones below are edible - can you spot them? And speaking of spots, aren't the Charlie Brown brownies the cutest thing ever?

With 600+ fall-themed projects on the site, I was overwhelmed choosing just ten crafts for a fall roundup. I avoided anything that was more Halloween or Thanksgiving than fall, then tried to get a good assortment of materials, age levels, and subject matter. One project is mine... and I didn't even intend it to be for fall!

This roundup was all about pumpkins, as opposed to the earlier jack-o-lantern roundup. I made this right before lunch and it wasn't until I was pulling the pictures together that I realized practically every pumpkin craft I chose was edible! I made a few substitutions, leaving just four edible crafts. And then I had lunch. 

As always, I made these graphics with PicMonkey. It is so easy and they're constantly adding to their already-huge collection of fonts, graphics, frames, textures, and special features. I use PicMonkey for all of my photo editing as well. I absolutely love it! 


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