"We All Wear a Lot of Hats" Name Art

We all wear a lot of hats. Some hats are literal, while others are figurative. This name art project is a fun way to look at the many hats we wear.  

I don't wear a lot of literal hats, but I wear tons of figurative hats, many of which are listed on my artwork. Some are difficult to represent with a drawing - what hat does a neighbor wear, for example? Or a blogger? I chose a chef's toque to represent my love of cooking and food, as well as my job as meal preparer for our family. The Scout hat is one of the few literal hats that I do wear in my role coordinating community service projects for Trevor's troop. The warm hat represents the time I spend at the ice rink each week, watching Trevor progress as a skater. The graduation cap represents my love of education and time as a classroom teacher, as well as everything I do now to teach others. The flower hat represents me as a Lutheran, even though I have never worn a hat to church in my entire life and no one else in my church does either. 

To make your own artwork, write your name in block letters in the middle of a sheet of copy paper. Add a hat to each letter, representing jobs/career goals, hobbies, sports, religion, or anything else that represents you. Draw a line about an inch below the letters to give them something to stand on. Add smily face and legs. Color in the characters, then list all the many hats you wear underneath.


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