Mythical Creatures Crafts

Back in January, I began the huge task of organizing all of my animal crafts to make them easier to find. It's been a ton of work, but so worth it. My 6th and final category, Mythical Creatures, is now live.

Curious how many animal craft tutorials I've shared on the blog so far? Me too! If I counted correctly, there are 204. Very few of those are mythical creatures, but now I have a place to put those that I do have. And as I make more, I'll add to the page.

Here are the links to all six animal categories:


I love seeing these all together. And I love seeing some of my all-time favorite crafts in the graphics. They totally inspire me to head to the craft room and make more animals!


  1. But wait ... unicorns are real!!!! LOL!!! Off to check this section out!

  2. And Toothless is DEFINITELY real!! LOL!!!


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