Money Bookmark - The Perfect Gift for Book Lovers

My nephew, Timothy, turned 19 on Tuesday, which means that I have another money gift to share. I used a $2 bill to make a bookmark, then hid money in the pages of a book. Ideally, this would have been a book that Timothy had specifically requested, but Timothy does not read for pleasure (sigh). Instead, I chose a 25 cent classic from the Friends of the Library sale that his little sister might enjoy. Affiliate links below.


Money Gift for Book Lovers



Cut a 3 x 7" piece of cardstock. Attach a $2 bill to the cardstock using removable Glue Dots. It should be centered on three sides, with extra cardstock on one side. 

Cut a 4" x 16" piece of contact paper. Peel up half of the liner, then position the cardstock on it. Remove the rest of the liner, then smooth it over the over side of the bookmark. Trim off the excess contact paper. 

Punch a hole in the cardstock (don't punch through the actual money) and use the embroidery floss to make a tassel. 

Insert the bookmark into the book. 

Insert more money in random pages throughout the book. 

To get to the money, the recipient should peel back the contact paper, then gently lift the bill off the cardstock. Rub the Glue Dots to remove them and the money is ready to spend. 

Happy birthday, Timothy!


  1. This is so genius! Bummer he doesn't read for pleasure .... I can't even imagine only reading for an assignment! LOL!!

  2. BRILLIANT idea Cindy!
    Sad that he's not a "reader" but I'm sure your encouragement will pay off soon :)


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