Taco Tuesday: Paper Taco Craft

I just missed National Taco Day, but at least I'm sharing this on a Tuesday! I'm not sure we really need a National Taco Day, now that I think about it. So many restaurants, cafeterias, families, etc. celebrate tacos every week. Anyway, the next time you have tacos, pair them with this craft. Affiliate links below.


Paper Taco Craft



Fold the yellow cardstock in half, then cut a half circle, keeping the fold intact. This is your taco shell.

Use the brown colored pencil to make dots all over the taco shell. Don't make a pattern- just randomly dot all over the place. 

Glue strips of brown and red construction paper inside the taco shell. 

Now tear the tissue paper into strips. Keep going until you have a nice pile of lettuce.

Add glue all over the inside of the taco shell and add the tissue paper lettuce. 

Good enough to eat, right? Happy Taco Tuesday!


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