'You Are So Sweet' Cake Card

Back in my teaching days, I taught my students about the importance of thank-you notes and other ways of showing appreciation. We wrote letters or made cards for guest speakers, regular parent volunteers, or others who helped out in the classroom. I recently found this sample of a card in my teaching files. It's really easy to make, with plenty of room inside for a nice note and/or tons of signatures. 

'You Are So Sweet' Cake Card


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • markers
  • glue


Fold a sheet of construction paper in half. With the fold on the bottom, lightly sketch the shape of a plate and cake (as shown above, minus the candle).

Cut out the cake, keeping the folded edge intact.

Use the scraps to cut a rectangular candle and a flame.

Color the plate, candle, and flame. Draw frosting onto the cake. Write 'You Are So Sweet' across the plate.

Glue the flame to the candle, then glue the candle to the inside of the card.

Write your message inside the card, then it's ready to give.


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