Kind People are My Kind of People

Way back in my beginner teacher days, my aunt Vickie (then a 4th grade teacher and now a curriculum specialist who doesn't seem to understand how to retire) taught me how to do a cool art project with sharpies, cling wrap, and aluminum foil. I used a page from one of my favorite coloring books by Leisure Arts to show you this unique craft. Affiliate links below. 


Kind People Are My Kind of People



Remove the coloring page from the coloring book. Put it on top of a piece of chipboard, then cover it with plastic wrap. It should be tight and without wrinkles. You can tape the back if you'd like. 

Use the sharpies to color in your design. Outline everything in black for the best results. 

Carefully remove the top half of the plastic wrap and check that your coloring is dark enough. I didn't outline with black and my design looked too washed out, so I carefully rewrapped the plastic wrap and did the outlining. 

Carefully remove the plastic wrap and set it aside. Remove the coloring page - you can use it for a future project.

Cut a piece of foil that is bigger than the chipboard. Gently ball up the foil, then unfold it and smooth it out. Don't ball it up too tightly or you'll have difficulty smoothing it. Repeat this process if necessary, then wrap the foil around the chipboard. Cover the foil with the plastic wrap and tape it on the back side. Mount the artwork onto black cardstock that's been trimmed to 9" x 11.5". 

You can do this with any coloring book (Leisure Arts has tons of great ones!), or draw a design or quote of your own. Be creative!


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