Construction Paper Shark Craft

Every once in a while, you have to drop everything and make a construction paper shark. (No? Just me?)

I get ideas for crafts from the usual sources of inspiration- magazines, nature, blogs, Pinterest, etc. but today's craft was inspired by the laundry. Specifically, this:

I did eventually get the laundry folded and put away, but only after my shark craft. 


Construction Paper Shark


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black Sharpie


Set one piece of blue construction paper aside to use as the background. Tear a second piece into strips, which you'll layer to make the water.

Cut the shark's head from white, light blue, or light grey construction paper. Save the scraps, as they'll become the shark's teeth.

Cut a piece of black construction paper to make the shark's mouth. It's basically the shape of a cupcake and should be almost as wide as the shark's head.

Use the light scraps to make two lines of bottom teeth. You'll layer these when you assemble the shark. Then cut individual teeth that will go across the top of the mouth. They should be larger in the center and smaller on the ends.

To assemble the shark, glue the upper teeth into place. Layer the rows of bottom teeth and glue them to the mouth. Position the shark's head so that it sticks up above the top of the background paper a couple of inches, then glue it into place. Gently roll back the torn bits on the ocean pieces, then layer them on top of each other, working from top to bottom. 

Glue the mouth into place, then use the Sharpie to add details. I started with the eyes, then did the lines around the eyes and across the nose. Then I added the dots along the top, near the eyes, above the mouth, then down at the water line. 


  1. This is AWESOME! Loving the water!!!!!

  2. Hehe...I've never made a shark anything! Super fun project!

  3. Seasoned I had more fun than my 5 year old lol

  4. It is hard to make, but is worth it.


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