Travels in Michigan

Scrapping photos from past trips is keeping me from dwelling on the trips we're not taking right now. If not for COVID-19, we'd be headed out on a multi-state adventure next week. I'm really disappointed, but we had no choice but to cancel. Not only would going put ourselves at risk, but I think it's irresponsible for US travel bloggers to be advocating travel right now. I get that there are a lot of considerations and that many in the travel industry are frantic as the industry suffers more each day, but we need to JUST. STAY. HOME. And wear a mask. Please and thank you. 

Michigan (affiliate link)

Anyway, Michigan. I had a lot of photos from the time we spent in Lansing and Detroit, plus I knew I'd need a huge amount of space for journaling. (I HAD to tell the story of our time at the US Detention Center. I'm still bummed I couldn't take a picture, but if I had, I'd probably still be there.) I cropped my photos into squares and arranged them around the outside, leaving space for the title and journaling inside. It's really plain, but it does the two things I like all scrapbook pages to do: tells the story and keeps the focus on the photos.


  1. You need to come to Grand Rapids:)

  2. Love how you've laid out the photos!

    I've actually been to Detroit. :)


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