Why You Should Keep Googly Eyes on Hand at all Times

There are a lot of craft supplies that I keep on hand at all times: cardstock, construction paper, pipe cleaners, yarn, pom poms, craft sticks, tissue paper, acrylic paint, and a zillion other things. But I would argue that googly eyes are one of the most important. If I had to choose just three items to keep, it would be cardstock, acrylic paint, and googly eyes.

I'm a big fan of using googly eyes in crafts, but that's not the only thing I do with them. For example, check out my all-time favorite googly eye post. But if you want to have some real fun, glue googly eyes to packages in your cupboards and wait for the family to discover them!

It takes some experimenting to find just the right size for the larger logos.

The tiny ones are best for the smallest faces.

The Starbucks mermaid doesn't look that much different with her googly eyes!

When buying googly eyes, I recommend getting a variety pack like this one (affiliate link). The self-adhesive googly eyes are convenient and it covers the range of sizes I keep on hand (4 mm - 25 mm). That's hours of fun you've got there. 


  1. I am TOTALLY hearing Lily from AT&T with your title!! Where'e Nancy? LOL!! Sorry, if you don't know what I am talking about -- google "Lily googly eyes" ;) I loveeeeeee these! How FUN!!!!

  2. I absolutely love your fun and fabulous post! I giggled out loud!!! HUGS!!!

  3. I agree that googly eyes should be in every crafter's arsenal of supplies. :)


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