Label Design for Crown Rose Brewing's Quaransteen Porter

Steve has been brewing beer since 2015 and is an active member of a local homebrew club. When he started, I came up with a name for his (strictly hobby) brewery. This week, he asked me to design a label for his most recent concoction, which he calls Quaransteen Porter.  

As you may have guessed, the first part of the name is inspired by the COVID-19 quarantine happening when he made the beer. The second part of the name is inspired by the (not) secret ingredient:

Steen's Pure Cane Syrup (affiliate link)

We discovered Steen's during our trip to New Orleans last Christmas when it was served with hot biscuits. YUM! Steve ordered some as soon as we got home and we've been trying it with all kinds of foods. It's a great replacement for anywhere you'd use molasses, honey, or maple syrup. And we can now confirm that it makes a really awesome porter.

Obviously, I mimicked the Steen's label for Steve's Quaransteen Porter. Using PicMonkey, I started with a yellow background, then added the text. I layered the coronavirus icon with the general prohibition sign for the main image. The red circle holds the date. Finally, I added the green and black accent lines and the striped border along the top and bottom. I printed them at home on normal copy paper, trimmed them, and attached the to the bottles with an ordinary glue stick.

Steve is really happy with how they turned out. He's started doing door drops for the members of his beer club and anxiously awaits feedback from his fellow brewers. My feedback? It's delicious! Order more Steen's!


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