Kiwi Felt Coaster

I love kiwis. So does Trevor. Steve doesn't like them, which is weird because they are totally delicious. But him not eating them means more for Trevor and me, so I can't complain. We used to get our kiwis from a kiwi farm three miles from our house, but they closed up operations a few years back. As far as I know, no one else local is growing kiwis commercially, which is a shame since they grow well here. It's also a shame because they are ridiculously expensive at the grocery store compared to what they cost directly from the farmer. 

We're not in kiwi season right now (late October through December in Northern California) so I don't have a recipe to share with my latest fruit coaster, which is (obviously) a kiwi. Affiliate links below. 

Kiwi Felt Coaster



Cut out a circle of brown felt, approximately 4" in diameter. Cut out a circle of light green felt that is slightly smaller than the brown circle. Cut an irregular oval from cream felt for the center of the kiwi. 

Use cream thread to sew the cream center to the green felt. Divide the embroidery floss into three strands, then make two circles of small stitches pointing in toward the center. Don't aim for perfection; in a real kiwi, the seeds are irregular. When you've competed the seeds, use green thread to sew the green felt to the brown felt. 


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