Christmas in Louisiana

I went a bit non-traditional for my layout about Christmas 2019, which we spent in Louisiana. I'm normally a Christmas green-and-red purist, but I used purple for the main color on this page. Paired with light green and a tiny touch of red, I think it works both for Christmas and for Louisiana.

Christmas in Louisiana (affiliate link)

Believe it or not, all the papers you see are from a Christmas collection. I'd actually used the papers for my Family Mittens projects, which meant that I had to design around the large mitten-shaped holes in my background papers. With a bit of creative cutting, I hid the holes with the photos and the journaling strips. 

Now that this page is in the album, I'm officially caught up with all Christmases. Time to put the Christmas papers and embellishments away for now. Woo hoo!


  1. I loveeeeee this! LOVING the purple!! I think it is perfect on here!!!!!

  2. I'm an all colours work for Christmas kind of gal...*winks*

    The purple looks awesome here and congrats on catching up with all your Christmas layouts! Woot Woot!


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