Alaska 2016

I've mentioned many times that I keep a daily journal, which is critical to my being able to scrap trips years after they happen. My blog serves as a secondary journal. In the case of our 2016 cruise to Alaska, I blogged about the Family Olympics I hosted onboard the ship, but didn't actually blog about anything else about the trip. As usual, the journal was a lifesaver when it was time to record the trip highlights on the scrapbook page. 

Alaska 2016 (affiliate link)

As you can see, I went with a basic grid design with a fussy-cut family photo as the focus. The photos do a decent job of highlighting the things we did onboard and ashore. I included bunch of journaling at the bottom.


  1. Love this! LOVING how you added the fussy cut photo!!!!!

  2. I love this one! The silhouette photo makes this look like a travel brochure!


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