Wax Paper Diamond Inspired by Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park

It's time to check in on my progress toward creating at least two crafts inspired by each of the 50 states. Back in March, I shared my chart showing 32 states with two or more projects. In four months, I've brought the total up to 42 states, leaving just eight to go. Actually, only seven remain because today's craft, a wax paper diamond, is inspired by Arkansas. 

Did you know that Arkansas has one of the only places in the world where anyone can search for diamonds from their original source? People come to Crater of Diamonds State Park from all over the world to search 37 acres for diamonds that are theirs to keep. We haven't traveled to Arkansas yet, but when we do, I hope we're able to include Crater of Diamonds on our itinerary. 

Wax Paper Diamond


  • lined paper
  • mechanical pencil or ballpoint pen
  • ruler
  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • black construction paper
  • glue
  • toothpick


Draw an elongated hexagon on lined paper. Divide the bottom line into three equal parts. Draw a quadrilateral (specifically, a trapezoid) extending down from the middle section. (I didn't use a ruler, but you should. You should also draw in pencil so you can make adjustments. I did mine in Sharpie so that it would show up better in the photos.) 

Add four more quadrilaterals below the initial hexagon. 

Make a point directly below the center of the hexagon, then connect each of the bottom points of the quadrilaterals to that point. 

Place a piece of wax paper over the diamond you've drawn. Retract the lead of a mechanical pencil (or retract the tip of a ballpoint pen) and use it to trace over each line of the diamond. A ruler or other straight edge is essential. Press firmly.

After you've traced all the lines, remove the wax paper. Carefully cut around the outside edge. If you want to display your diamond vertically, mount it to black construction paper by using a toothpick to place the tiniest amount of glue possible along the underside of some of the traced lines. 


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