Navigation for Travel Pages - DONE!

In June 2017, Steve and Trevor went off to Boy Scout camp and I spent the ENTIRE week alone creating what I called my Kid-Friendly Travel Resource. It was a huge undertaking but so worth it. I've done some tweaking and added a ton of content since then. But it took a pandemic for me to devote the time to adding the most important missing feature: navigation between each of the 51 travel pages (50 states plus Washington DC).

Now, when you scroll down below the craft ideas to the bottom of a page you see this:

So if you are on the Kansas Travel page, you no longer have to click back to the complete index to move to the next state (Kentucky) or previous state (Iowa). It works that way for all fifty states and DC now. 

I'd love it if you would pick a state (Hawaii? Louisiana? Missouri? Utah? Somewhere else?), scroll down, and click around using my new navigation buttons. You might find ideas for post-pandemic travel or craft ideas for the kids inspired by your home state or a past (or future) travel destination. 

I don't think I've ever been so happy to cross a project off my to-do list!


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