Torn Construction Paper Kitten

Torn construction paper is perfect for mimicking the fluffy fur of a kitten. But controlling tears is difficult...


... unless you use a wet Q-tip first. I've shared this technique before, for my panda project. Affiliate links below.


Torn Construction Paper Kitten



Dip a Q-tip in water and "draw" the kitten's body onto black construction paper. Trace it at least twice, then while it is still wet, gently tear out the shape. The paper will come apart easily along the wet line. Repeat this for the kitten's head, ears, and tail. 

Use the same technique for the white patches on the kitten's chest and face, then the pink inner ears and nose. Assemble the kitten by gluing the kitten's body parts to the background paper. 

Glue the googly eyes in place, then use the black colored pencil to draw the mouth. Use the white colored pencil to draw the kitten's whiskers. Remember that they have whiskers above the eyes as well as on their muzzle and jaw. Use scissors to cut a silver tag, then write the kitten's name on it. Cut a length of cord for the cat's collar, then glue it and the tag in place. 


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