16th Anniversary

Steve and I typically celebrate our anniversary by picking a semi-local city to explore. We usually stay two nights in a cute inn or B&B while Trevor spends the weekend with his grandparents. We always have a wonderful time. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 ruined our 2020 anniversary travel plans. Our weekend trip for two became a day at home for three. Trevor had an online Scout event all day, so while he was occupied, Steve and I took a long walk together and found some geocaches. We picked up our produce box and took the scenic route home. We played games and watched movies. Since early March, we had not eaten anything that we didn't prepare at home, so we decided to get contactless curbside pickup to make our anniversary feel a bit more special. They messed up our order in more ways than you'd think possible, but we did our best not to let it ruin our special day.   

16th Anniversary (affiliate link)

Check out the patterned paper I used for the background of this layout. I remember exactly when and where I got it... in 2008. I was doing design work for the local scrapbook store and had the option of being paid in cash or twice as much in store credit. I always chose the store credit. I had saved up quite a bit of credit when the owners announced that their family was moving and their successful store would be closing abruptly. Between the employee discount and the clearance prices, I brought home a LOT of awesome product. I used most of it back then, but there are still a few of those papers remaining in my stash. This paper brought me right back to 2008 and my very first job in the scrapbook industry. 
2008 Cindy would be so happy to see where that first job has taken 2020 Cindy. And newly married 2004 Cindy would be thrilled that 2020 Cindy celebrated 16 wonderful years with Steve, even if the celebration wasn't quite what they expected. 


  1. Bummer about not being able to keep up with traditional celebrations but I'm glad you guys made it special for you. Happy anniversary and to more good years together!

  2. Glad you were able to still make your anniversary special!!!! And bummer they messed up the food order!! Our anniversary this year just happened to fall on the LAST weekend before all restaurants shut down, so we were able to go out!


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