Trevor at 14

As always, I made the annual "Trevor at" layout without looking at the previous pages. I like knowing that the adjectives I choose to describe him are how I see him now, without influence from the past. Of course, most words don't change from year to year. He's been smart, generous, trustworthy, and reserved since birth. 

Trevor at 14 (affiliate link)

I always buy Trevor a new shirt for his birthday portraits, often a polo that he can then wear to church. (He hasn't had much opportunity to wear that shirt since his birthday, since going to church is not a thing during the pandemic. Since March, we've been on our couch each Sunday morning watching church live via YouTube and joining the fellowship hour after church via Zoom.) 
Anyway, I started the tradition of having Trevor wear a new shirt for his birthday portraits from the beginning. During his first year (when we took monthly portraits), it was a fun way to 'debut' the many gifted outfits and hand-me-downs he'd received. Fourteen years later, it's tradition. In looking back at his previous photos, I realized he is wearing the same shirt at 14 as he is at 8. Not the exact same shirt, as he has grown significantly since then, but the same shirt in a bigger size. No big deal, just something I noticed. I'm just thankful to have such a cooperative kid to do these portraits every year. 


  1. I can't believe how much he has changed in the last year!!! I love this!

  2. You have a great kid, a testament to great parenting. I have enjoyed watching him blossom over the years through the stories you've shared. A fabulous page@


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