Kansas 2019

As always, I had a really hard time narrowing down the photos to use on the scrapbook page about our visit to Kansas. Even though we only spent one day there, we packed a ton into our day. 

Kansas 2019 (affiliate link)

I didn't leave myself enough room to tell the full stories of the storage room off the parking garage at the Capitol, or the reason we didn't complete the entire dome tour. There's so much more I could have shown or told than what appears on this layout. Fortunately, my blog post fills the gap. I've increasingly been viewing my scrapbook albums as providing an overview instead of the place to tell every detail. It's interesting to look back on that evolution. 


  1. Now you probably know why I make so many mini-albums! LOL!! I can never decide what to cut from vacays! HA!! I loveeeeeee this! LOVING the blue and the grid!

  2. You picked some great photos...the page looks fab!

    P/s: I like using point form summary and the photos to tell my story. My scrapbook pages are more to trigger old memories rather than a full account of the story.


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