Fall ScOutings

Today's layout has photos from three separate Scout outings ("ScOutings") Trevor enjoyed last fall. The first was a quick overnight at the local regional park in September, the second was a hike to the summit of Mt. Diablo in October (which ended in an early morning evacuation due to wind/fire), and the third was a fishing and crabbing trip along the Russian River/Bodega in November. 

Fall ScOutings (affiliate link)
It's now been over seven months since the last Scout outing. For a troop that is used to doing a campout at least once a month, this is a huge change. The boys are doing their best to keep Scouting fun via online activities, but it's just not the same. Fortunately, everyone understands that the Scouts' safety is what matters most. But that doesn't stop us from hoping that we can start planning trips again.


  1. Loveeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors, the trees and that title!!!

  2. Awesome layout! LOVE how you incorporated so many photos and the trees as a design element.


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