V is for Vulture Craft

You might remember the walrus craft I made a few weeks ago, when I realized I had animal crafts for all the letters of the alphabet except I, V, W, and X. Today's vulture craft takes care of V, leaving only I and X to go. 

When I was halfway done with my vulture, I asked Steve if he could tell what it was. He guessed it was a buzzard. That made me realize I had absolutely no idea what the difference was between vultures and buzzards. Time to Google! After reading "What's the Difference Between Buzzards and Vultures?," I sort of understand. Today's craft is definitely a vulture, which you may call a buzzard if you live in North America. But I have plenty of animal crafts that start with B, so please consider this a vulture no matter where you live.

Construction Paper Vulture


  • construction paper (brown, red, grey)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black pen


Cut the following pieces from construction paper:

  • a brown body
  • two brown wings
  • brown tail feathers
  • a red neck
  • a red head
  • a grey beak
  • two grey feet

Glue the pieces together, then use the pen to draw an eye and a line to define the upper and lower beak. 


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