Paper Plate Apple Basket

Apple season is almost here! Plan the ultimate fun family day this fall with a visit to a farmers market or you-pick orchard, some apple-themed books, an apple taste test, and this cute craft. Affiliate links below. 

Paper Plate Apple Basket



Cut one paper plate roughly in half. Keep the smaller piece and set the larger one aside. Use the smaller piece to trace a line on the second paper plate. Cut along that line, then up and around the inside of the corrugated section of the plate to make the basket. 

Use the scraps to cut out apples, leaves, and stems. You're aiming for around 6 each. The apples won't be fully round if you use just the scraps from the two paper plates. It's not what I did, but I recommend using construction paper for the apples. It is much easier. You can still cut the leaves and stems from the paper plate scraps. 

Paint the two basket pieces and the stems brown. Paint the leaves green. Paint the apples a mix of red and green. 

When the paint is dry, put a line of glue along the edge of the basket front. Position it in front of the main part of the basket and use binder clips to hold it in place while it dries. 

Glue the stems and leaves to the apples. 

Glue three apples to each other and use binder clips to hold them in place while they dry. (You don't need the clips if you use construction paper instead of the paper plate scraps. 

Glue one row of apples to the back portion of the basket and one row to the front. This gives it a dimensional look. When the glue is dry, you can carry your basket or hang it up!


  1. Complimenti, lavoretto davvero molto carino... L'ho realizzato con piatti di carta recuperati da una festa, li ho lavati e asciugati e quindi riutilizzati ma usando colori diversi.


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