Jack is Back at the Vacaville Museum!

We have been sheltering at home for over six months now. Besides trips out for groceries and other necessities (and our evacu-cation), we haven't really done anything. But on Saturday, we did. 

Back in 2015, the Vacaville Museum launched a city-wide public art project called We Know Jack. Steve, Trevor, and I had a blast trying (successfully!) to find all 25 rabbits hidden around town. Five years later, they announced a new event:

Museums can't open here and the businesses that are open don't want people coming in and out unnecessarily, so displaying the Jacks meant getting creative. The museum hosted an outdoor, socially-distanced, mask-required, limited-admission, single-day event. Each small group of attendees had a 50-minute time slot to view the art. The Jacks were arranged to allow maximum space between guests. 

As with the original Jacks, each new Jack was completely unlike the others. Each was gorgeous and there was so much creativity. These were some of our favorites:

It was wonderful to get out of the house and view such magnificent art. I'm so glad that we went. Huge congrats to all the participating artists and enormous thanks to the fine folks at the Vacaville Museum for putting on a safe event that was so enjoyable.

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  1. Wow. The art looks amazing. I'm glad you guys finally went out and enjoyed yourselves.


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