Our Latest Favorite Game: Nomids

The deRosiers love all sorts of board games and card games, so when the folks at Looney Labs offered me the chance to review some of their latest games, I happily agreed. When Nomids arrived (affiliate link here and throughout the post), we couldn't wait to open it up and check it out! I'm delighted to say that we absolutely love it. 

Nomids is played with 30 pyramids (10 colors, 3 different sizes) and a single die. The goal is to be the first to get rid of your pyramids - when you have no 'mids left, you are the winner. Nomids is very easy to learn, but involves plenty of strategy. And it's really fun!

Nomids can be played with 2-10 players. I love that flexibility! We've only played with 2 and 3 (because COVID), but when playing board games with other people is a thing, Nomids will be at the top of our must-play list. It's really travel-friendly, so this will surely come along on Scout trips, cabin visits, and other travels once travel is a thing again (sigh... COVID).  

Each player starts out with three pyramids, each a different color and size. On your turn, you roll the die to determine whether you take a pyramid from the middle or another player, give a pyramid to the middle or another player, or trade pyramids. When you have all three pyramids of one color, you return them to the center. If you don't have any pyramids left when you do this, you are the winner! Here's one of our three-person games in progress. 

Nomids is unique in that the game pieces can be used to play other games, including Pharaoh (a math strategy game), Pyramid-Sham-Bo (a party game), and Treehouse (a spatial skills strategy game). Nomids can also be used as an expansion pack for Looney Labs' Pyramid Arcade, which is a 22-in-1 game system. 

Nomids is a great choice for practically anyone on your gift list. It's recommended for ages 6+. If you are looking for other board game ideas, be sure to check out my Family Fun Gift Guide


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