Dimensional Pumpkin Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving is going to look very different for a lot of people this year. So much has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many of those changes being negative, I think it's particularly important to focus on the good things in our lives whenever we can. It can be hard to remember at times, but I try my best to be thankful for everything I have and everyone I love.

I made the orange and green papers I used for the pumpkin using this crayon melt technique. In fact, the green pumpkin stem came from the scraps I saved after making my iguana! If you don't want to do crayon melts, then paint the paper or just use colored cardstock. (But crayon melts is the most fun.)

Dimensional Pumpkin Thanksgiving Card


  • cardstock (brown, blue, white)
  • papers colored with melted crayon or paint (orange, green)
  • scissors
  • pen
  • foam dots
  • craft glue


Cut a card base from brown paper. Use the scraps to make the piece for the ground and the mat for the sentiment. 

Cut a piece of blue paper just smaller than the card front. Cut a rectangle just smaller than the mat for the sentiment. 

To make the pumpkin, you are going to cut three pieces from the orange-colored paper. The first is a pumpkin that is slightly smaller than the width of the card base. The second piece should be the same height, but narrower on each side to mimic the ribs of a pumpkin. The third piece is leaf-shaped and will be in the foreground. Cut a stem from the green-colored paper. 

Glue the blue card front to the card base, then glue the brown ground piece on top of that. 

Write THANKFUL on the blue rectangle, then glue it to the brown mat. Use foam dots to adhere the sentiment to the top of the card. 

Glue the largest pumpkin piece and the stem to the card front. Use foam dots to adhere the second pumpkin piece to the first, then more foam dots to connect the third pumpkin piece to the second. 

Add a message of gratitude inside and your card is ready to send.


I did a search for THANKFUL on Amazon and found a lot of cool stuff. My favorite find is this shirt, which is so simple and so pretty. I love that it isn't seasonal, just like being thankful is not only for November. It comes in a handful of colors, but I think I like this dark grey the best. 


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