Diamond Art Joy Ornament

This time last year, I was frantically designing Diamond Art holiday crafts. I was contracted to make fifteen projects that would appear in Leisure Arts' Sparkle Holiday book (affiliate link here and throughout the post), along with four projects for their Paper Crafting book. I had a ridiculously short turn-around time and I did pretty much nothing except Diamond Art for two weeks in November.  It was awesome and I loved the whole experience. Plus, I am really proud of what I designed. 

Leisure Arts bought my actual projects from me. So when my friends at Creative Crafts invited me to participate in the 2020 Christmas Edition, I decided to make a Diamond Art ornament that I can keep and display. I actually like it better than the glass ornament I made for the book. :)

Diamond Art Joy Ornament



Remove the top from the ornament and fill it with glitter and feathers. Replace the top. 

Use Sharpies to color in the letters JOY while the stickers are still on the sticker sheet. Then, adhere the letters to the ornament. 

Use a small paintbrush to spread the adhesive onto the letter stickers, trying not to get any on the ornament itself. Add tiny dots of adhesive around the edge of the ornament top. Wait 15 minutes, or until the adhesive becomes clear. 

Time for dotting! Add red dots to the J and the Y and green dots to the O and around the top. Add a loop of ric rac and your ornament is ready to display!


If you're looking for more ideas for holiday dotting, I highly recommend Leisure Arts' Sparkle Holiday book. It makes a great gift, too. Here are some of my favorite projects I designed for the book (the ones I most wish I still had and could display in our house):




For even more fun Christmas crafting ideas, check out these ideas!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh that is beautiful! I love it!!!

  2. The JOY ornament and your other projects are GORGEOUS, Cindy! Thanks for joining in the Creative Crafts Christmas FUN!

  3. This is absolutely darling and perfect for the holiday season! Thanks so much for sharing!


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