I shared our August evacuation story from the LNU Lightning Complex fire after we returned home. This is the scrapbook version. 

Evacucation (affiliate link)

Actually, this is Part 1 of the scrapbook version. This tells the story of the evacuation-turned-vacation ("evacucation") and what a great time we had with the friends who took us in. I'm planning a second layout that focuses on the actual fire and how close it got to our house. 

I made this layout for the Pensieve: Memories in Review challenge at Victoria Marie Designs. The challenge was to preserve a memory in detail. Most of my layouts do that, as I'm a big fan of using lots of photos and plenty of journaling, but I made this one specifically to meet the challenge. I tried to show (through pictures) and tell (through words) about the emotions as well as the facts. I'm very happy with the finished page. 


  1. Love this ... and even though it was a sad/scary time for you all, I am happy you documented it!

  2. This looks fabulous! Glad you were able to make the best out of the situation...and made some good memories too!


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