Footprint Giraffe

Trevor and I made one final zoo animal craft to decorate for his party. We found these footprint giraffes at Busy Bee Kids Crafts. We started by tracing Trevor's footprint (wearing shoes) onto yellow construction paper. We cut out the footprint, then cut a neck, two ears and two horns.

(Sorry for the bad photos.  We did these right before bed and it was dark.)

We glued all the pieces in place, then turned the giraffe upside-down and glued short pieces of brown yarn to his neck to make a mane. Next, we used brown paint to put thumbprints to make the giraffe's spots. 

We let those dry overnight. In the morning, we added googly eyes. Here's my finished giraffe:

Trevor didn't like the fact that I didn't put a nose or mouth on mine. He grabbed a pen and added them to his.

Here's Trevor's finished giraffe:

 This was a really fun craft! 


  1. I thought those were footprints! I didn't realize that the spots were thumb prints, though. Very cool!

  2. So cute! Loving all the crafts you are posting!! :)

  3. I have been searching this few weeks for a giraffe craft to do with my kindergarteners. This is most ideal. Thank God that I found it. Cheers!!


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