Trevor's Thank You Notes

I make my own thank-you cards, so it makes sense that my son would make his own also.  Any excuse to get out the art materials!  Trevor selected a three different 'thank you' stamps and three different ink colors and got right to work. 

He had a specific plan for each card.  Some had lots of stamping, while others had color pencil or ink drawings. 

Three colors of Glimmer Mist added the perfect final touch to some of the cards.  Trevor still can't quite work the spray nozzles by himself because his hands are too small, but he tried repeatedly before asking for help.

Here are some of his completed cards!

I think the one with the rainbow and a snake is my favorite.


  1. He rocked his thank you cards!! AWESOME work Trevor! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I see mine! It was so nice to get a Trevor-made card in the mail. :)


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