Fun with Soap

Now that our friends and family have seen their Christmas gifts, I can finally start sharing some of the homemade gifts we gave!  First up is soap.

Now when I say we made soap, I don't mean that we started with raw ingredients and created soap.  What I actually mean is that we took plain glycerin soap, melted it, added scents and colors, and molded it.  Much, much easier.

Trevor is always excited to try a new craft, but he was more eager to try this than just about anything we've ever done before.  

We started by practicing with some small shapes so that we could learn how much color and scent was ideal.  Then we moved on to the larger bars.  

This bar of soap went to Trevor's teacher.  Trevor made it by squeezing one drop of red, yellow and blue toward the center, then using a toothpick to drag the color outward.  
Each of Trevor's cousins received one of these.  We filled the mold partway with melted soap, placed the coins in, then filled the remainder of the mold with soap.  The coins sunk a bit, but they're still embedded within the bar.  

Here's some of the other soaps we made.  The hearts were a perfect size to experiment with color.  

Tomorrow I'll share another of the homemade gifts we gave.


  1. Such a fun project for Trevor and beautiful, thoughtful gifts!!

  2. These are sooo cool. What a fun project and great gift!

  3. What a great gift idea!! I loveeeeeeee these!!!!

  4. I looked at the soap making supplies at HL and passed them by. You have made me rethink that for next year! Love the idea to put coins in each bar for the children!

  5. Looks like you both had such fun making this gifts!

  6. I think it's so awesome that you made homemade gifts for everyone. The coin idea is awesome! I bet they loved that. There will be some mighty clean hands while they try to wash quickly enough to get the coins out. LOL

  7. I have always wanted to make soaps! I pass by the supplies everytime I'm at HL and want to get some! :)


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