Great Customer Service

Yesterday, I blogged about the terrible customer service I got from a puzzle manufacturer. Since I believe in focusing on the positive, I want today's post to be all about the amazing craft/scrapbook companies out there who go above and beyond, each and every time.

There's no question what company goes at the top of my list.  It's Fiskars.

Not only are Fiskars' products the best out there, but their customer service is absolutely amazing.  My trimmer track wore out after YEARS of heavy-duty usage and I wanted to replace the track but couldn't find it for sale.  I contacted Fiskars to ask where to get it.  The answer?  From them.  For free.  I got it two days later.  I literally can't count the number of free items Fiskars has given me simply for being a part of their online community, the Fiskateers.  All of it, totally and completely free.  They are amazing.

The next company that has impressed me over and over again is scrapbook.com.

I've been a member of scrapbook.com's free message board community for years and have won dozens of prizes from them for doing little more than being a member.  Every order I've placed with them has been delivered quickly and in perfect condition.  There is often a free gift included.  Their product videos are extremely helpful and professionally done.

Next up - Making Memories.

I've used Making Memories products for many years.  There have been two occasions where I received defective product.  Not only did they replace it cheerfully and quickly, but they threw in a "for your trouble" gift both times.  Awesome.

Next - American Crafts.

I love American Crafts products and use them often.  A few years ago, I bought a packet of American Crafts photo turns and arrows that came with brads to attach them.  About a third of the items had holes that were too small for the enclosed brads.  I talked with Customer Service and had replacement items in my hands within days.

Next is Tombow.

Tombow's tape runner is my favorite adhesive.  I use it constantly- enough that I buy it in bulk.  Twice I've had to contact them about manufacturing defects and twice my products have been replaced quickly and cheerfully.

I'll wrap this up with one more.  I've been working with Suzanne at Flamingo Scraps for over two years and I know that customer service is one of her top priorities.  Suzanne gave each of us on the Design Team a different coupon code to share with our readers.  Mine is for free shipping between now and Christmas Day.  

So now that you've heard about some companies that have been wonderful to me, I'd love to hear more about great customer service you've received!  What scrapbook or craft companies have impressed you by going above and beyond?  Let me know!


  1. This list is a great idea!
    FISKARS has really gone far and above for me. I had a broken punch that I bought several years ago. When it broke, I just threw it in a drawer. I didn't know they had a lifetime warranty on their products. Then, someone told me about the warranty and I had a brand new punch within days.

  2. Love this post! I agree about Scrapbook.com, they are awesome. I still love DBandMe.com also, for everything Doodlebug, LOL! :)

    I loved your comment on my post yesterday about my wardobe color (or lack thereof)! :) My closet has a lot more color since I got married, but you're right - it's ALL black, gray and white!! I do have some pink, a bit of red, and a few blue tops that I try to mix in. I actually haven't bought clothes in some time. At least not work clothes. I was trying to lose some weight before I would allow myself anything new. I made a promise to myself that after the holiday hoopla dies down, I'm really going to make the effort, and also buy some new clothes! So, we'll see ... I will most likely still gravitate toward my staples! LOL! :)

  3. Those you mentioned have been super for me also. I have always had good luck with Provocraft also. I have the Expressions2 and a Gypsy and they help me when needed.

  4. You know my heart belongs to BlueMoonScrapbooking.com -- they are always fast on shipping and call you personally when they ship your order! I love Lisa and Scott!! And know matter what happens in the future with them/me -- I will always be a loyal customer!!!

  5. Nothing beats good customer service! I haven't had any bad experiences in the scrapping community but it is always nice to hear great things about companies whose products I buy.

  6. I had a great customer service experience with American Crafts when I had an issue. Flamingo Scraps has the best customer service on the PLANET! Suzanne and Susan are beyond sweet. The only negative experience I've had was with the Tonic trimmer people.

  7. I love that you can find out about other companies service on the internet. That being said, why would any company want to risk being labled on the internet as poor customer service? Wouldn't you think that they would really make an effort to improve if not just for that reason?!? Great post today and I appreciate hear about the companies you recommend. Thanks!


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