The Rest of our Handmade Christmas Gifts

As I mentioned last week, Trevor and I made many of our Christmas gifts this year.  About a month ago, we set out large, empty baskets for each person on our gift list.  As we made each craft, we distributed the items into the baskets.

The rootbeer fans on our list got Rootbeer Reindeer.

The nut lovers got bags of the pistachios that we roasted.

Everyone got some colorful (or money-filled) soap....

... and ornaments made from cinnamon sticks.


Everyone got either a dark chocolate peppermint popcorn...

... or the white chocolate version.  

And finally, some homemade Butter Mints.

I'll share the recipe in a future post if anyone is interested.  Let me know!


  1. You and Trevor ROCK!!! These gifts are AWESOME!!!

  2. You made so many fun treats! It's a good thing you had such a great helper!

  3. Hi Cindy! I would love to see the mint recipe!!!! And I love all of your home-made goodies that you lovingly placed in each basket! Anne would have enjoyed the root beer the most - her favorite drink and would drink it every day if I let her! Oh no!!!!! Have a very Happy New Year, my friend!

  4. You were busy creating all these fabulous home make goodies!! Happy New Year! ~ Blessings, Tracey


  5. what a cool idea!! These are great gifts!!!!Thanks for the visit today!

  6. Super cute, all. I have been meaning to do the root beer one myself. My Dad loves root beer and the reindeer make such a cute presentation. I am sure everyone loved your gifts.

  7. Super cute homemade gifts Cindy!! I bet everyone loved receiving them too!! :)

  8. The butter mints were so good! I'd love to have the recipe. I loved everything on the basket!

    1. I'll share the recipe for the Butter Mints next week!


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