Some of my Favorite Snowman Crafts

Now that Advent is here, we've been busy decorating, crafting and baking in the deRosier household. I'll be sharing all our various projects in the upcoming weeks, but for now I wanted to do a wrap-up of some of our favorite snowman crafts from last year.

Stackable Snowman: I'm a huge fan of snowmen. Huge. This stackable snowman is one of my absolute all-time favorite Christmas decorations.  

Snowman Gift Tags: As I said, I'm a huge fan of snowmen and these gift tags make me smile every time I see them.  When I whipped them up, I knew they'd be cute on our packages, but I had no idea how many other people would love them too.  They've been pinned and repinned countless times, they've been featured several places, and they are responsible for almost 3500 blog page views!

Enamel Accents Snowman Gift Tags:  Here is another style of snowman gift tag that I made last year. I love the texture of the snow and the dimension of the snowman.

Donut Snowmen:  I thought I blogged about these last year, but apparently I didn't!  They're not my original idea (I've seen them at craft fairs many times over the years) but they made a fun and easy gift for Trevor to give to family.  

Hot Glue Snowmen:  As we pulled these out of the ornament container this year, Trevor and I giggled about how crazy and lumpy they turned out.  But we had so much fun making them!   
Trevor's Snowman Craft: I absolutely LOVE when Trevor plans a craft and teaches me how to do it.  It made me smile to pull these out of storage and put them back up on the wall.   

Marshmallow Snowmen: One more edible snowman.  Marshmallows, candy and snowmen- what could be a better combination?  

There are at least a dozen more homemade snowmen that we pulled from the Christmas boxes, so I'll have to photograph and share those in a future post.  


  1. Sooooooooooo cute cute cute!! I didn't realize how much I lean towards snowmen VS. Santa until this year... I have A TON of snowmen decorations!! It's kinda crazy!! LOL!!

  2. Those first tags are sooo cute! I can totally understand why they were repinned so much!
    And although I am not into snowmen, I wouldn't mind getting a "donut snowman" as a gift --- yummy!!!
    Love all your different snowman projects!

  3. These are super fun projects. Love the stacked boxes!!!

  4. Love all of these. That last one is really fun and creative. I hadn't seen it before. Love your tags at the top of the post. I can see why they are repinned so often!

  5. I love the colorful tags and the nested snowmen! I, too, am a big fan of everything snowman and I am so happy you shared all of these. I went back and looked at most of the tutorials.

  6. I love ALL of these snowman projects. They are seriously SO cool. The doughnut snowmen... LOVE THEM!!


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