Taming Gift Bows

While I absolutely LOVE my scraproom, I don't especially like that it doubles as gift wrap storage. If I ever design a zillion dollar dream home, it will have a dedicated gift wrap room. (No, I'm not kidding.) In the meantime, the gift wrap stuff will stay in my scraproom.

I have a dresser in my scraproom that holds the bulk of our gift wrap stuff. One drawer is for present bows.  

I should mention that I don't buy these bows. All of these were either reclaimed from presents we've received or were given to me by people who know I save and reuse them. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we put bows on most gifts that we give, the number I have no longer fits in this drawer. The extras are sitting in a basket. I really wanted to consolidate the bows into a single space. Bonus points if I could free up the drawer in the dresser.

Then I remembered that my mom had given me an empty Costco caramel corn container awhile ago. (Many of my friends and family know to give me interesting containers and other cast-offs.) I'd tried unsuccessfully to remove the label for a previous project. When the label proved way too stubborn, I put it into the craft closet, waiting for inspiration.  

I dug through my OLD birthday paper and found a piece that covered the label beautifully. I added velvet rickrack to trim the edges.

I started adding the bows, hoping they would all fit. They did! Yea! Not only did I free up a dresser drawer, but the basket is empty now too.  

I added letter stickers as a final touch.  

My bow container is now back in the craft closet, in the same spot where the empty container had been waiting for me to repurpose. Hurray! Trash to treasure!


  1. What a great idea!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee it!!!!

  2. Super idea!!! You are so very clever, really!
    As for me, I never put bows on anything.
    If you get a gift from me it's either in a gift bag or, if it's wrapped, all you get is wrapping paper.
    To me bows are a waste of time and money!

  3. You are full of awesome ideas! :)

  4. Ooooh...those bows look so pretty sitting in that clear container! :)

  5. Great 'reuse'... that container must be big. I, like you, have always wanted a separate, dedicated, gift wrapping station with lots of room.

  6. Love repurposing. Perfect with the birthday theme paper!

  7. What a grand idea! I understand about the whole gift wrap situation. Mine takes up some space that could be better used without the bows in the drawer they are in. I may have to find a large container from Costco and lift your idea!

  8. Great idea, but where do you store those jars?

    1. They tuck in a corner of the closet that is too small to hold anything else.


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