August Flamingo Four

It's time for August's Flamingo Four!  This month, three other designers and I worked with these four items:

                                              1) Fancy Pants rub-ons
                                              2) Maya Road Vintage Trinkets
                                              3) miscellaneous empty box
                                              4) two chess pieces

When I begin a Flamingo Four project, I try to focus on the most difficult item(s) first.  Rub-ons and flowers could go on anything... layouts, cards, tags, altered items, etc.  But an empty box and chess pieces can't, so I decided to start with those.  As I played around with them, I realized that the chess pieces fit perfectly in the box.  Hmm.. what if I filled the box with all sorts of game-related items?  

By happy coincidence, I had a deck of miniature playing cards sitting 2 feet away on my desk, so I pulled out the 4 aces and put them in the box.  The fit was perfect.  I added some poker chips, dice, and Scrabble tiles until the box was stuffed.  

On to the rub-ons.  One of them said "Play," which was perfect for my theme.  I transferred it on the box, then added a few white dots to draw attention to the word.  

Finally, the sequin flowers.  After experimenting for awhile, I took apart the flowers and put the sequins in the bottom of the box along with some additional gold sequins.  They provided a great bed for all the items to sit in and helped give the box a more finished look.  

Here's my project:

To see what the other three designers made, head over to Flamingo Scraps!

This project was my last with Flamingo Scraps.  When I applied for their very first Guest Design Team in 2010 (a 4-month term), I never dreamed that I'd be with them for three full years!  It's been a lot of fun and I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had and the wonderful people I've met.  I'm ready to move on to new challenges and wish everyone at Flamingo Scraps nothing but the best.


  1. This is AWESOME Cindy!! LOVING how you added play to the front! And bummer about FS ... you always did amazing things for them!!! I am sure you will be missed! :)

  2. I'm going to miss your Flamingo Four posts. I always looked forward to seeing what you made. I can't believe you've been there three years already. Suzanne and Susan are so sweet!

  3. What a fun way to use your items this month! :) I'm going to miss seeing your FF posts... I know you will be missed!!


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