Kidding Around: Field Trip!

Day 19 of Kidding Around asked us to take a field trip to a restaurant we'd never visited before. I knew right away where we'd go: Dave's Giant Hamburger, a Fairfield institution.  It turns 50 this summer, and despite the fact that I've lived in Fairfield since 1997 and I've heard so many great things about it, I'd never been there.

Steve was on a business trip, so it was just Trevor and me.  We went directly from Trevor's baseball game on a very hot day.  We took a few pictures of Dave's, then headed in to order. There are two entree choices: hamburger or cheeseburger.  No bacon option, no varieties, nothing.  They don't serve fries either.  They do have milkshakes.  We found a table and immediately chugged our waters and got halfway through our milkshakes before our burger came.  Thank goodness we'd only ordered one to split!  It was HUGE!  I guess they're not called Dave's Giant Hamburger for nothing.  I couldn't even come close to putting my hands around it. It was soooo good.  I see why everybody loves it.

When we got home, we talked about what we wanted to put in our journals.  The prompt had suggested collecting ephemera like printed napkins or take-out menus, but Dave's had neither. We knew we'd include our photos and some journaling on our page, but we wanted more of an art component too.

We gathered our materials: dark brown felt, light brown felt, cream felt, yellow/orange felt, red felt, green felt, googly eyes and glue.  Construction paper or cardstock would work just as well as felt.

We cut the light brown to make a top and bottom bun, the orange to be a slice of cheese, the dark brown to be a meat patty, the green to be lettuce, the red to be a ketchup glob, and the cream to be sesame seeds.  No patterns or templates - just freehand.

With the large felt pieces glued together, it looked like this:

Add eyeballs and sesame seeds and you get this:

That ketchup tongue gets me every time.  So cute!  We glued the hamburgers directly to our journals, then added our photos and some writing.  Here's Trevor's:

And here's mine:

Such a fun field trip and such a fun journal page!


  1. The pages came out CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE! LOVING those felt burgers!!! Brian wouldn't be able to eat there... lol...he can only eat chicken!

  2. Soooo cute! But, why have a burger place without fries, onion rings, or toppings?!? I would have to sneak some in, LOL! :)

  3. OMG these are SO CUTE!!! And the burgers sound tasty too!! :)

  4. Hee! I love your felt burger. Couldn't be cuter!


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