Kidding Around: Photo Scavenger Hunt

The final day of Kidding Around was a photo scavenger hunt.  You already know how much I love photo scavenger hunts, which we do frequently when we're on vacation.  Trevor decided we'd do this photo scavenger hunt at home.  Here's what we found (Trevor's first and then mine):

  • Something orange (Monopoly money, Fiskars scissors)
  • Somebody's hands (mine, Trevor's)
  • A favorite thing (stuffed animals, Trevor)
  • Something that starts with the letter S (Snap Circuits, stamps)
  • Something square (candy dispenser, 12x12 patterned paper)
  • Something you can smell (Kool Aid, oranges)
  • Someone smiling (Smily the Shark, Lego minifigs)
  • Something rough (sticks on cage, plant-material rabbit)
  • Something with words (current library book, stack of A-Z Mysteries)
  • Something silly (lemons used for stampingmy trendy project)

We printed out quick copies of the pictures (excuse the lines in every photo- our printer is getting worse and worse) and glued them in our journals.  That didn't leave much space for anything else.  Here's Trevor's:

And here's mine:


Trevor and I had so much fun with Kidding Around!  I'm so glad we did it together.  We each have a journal filled with a summer's worth of memories.


  1. What a fun photo scavenger hunt!! LOVING the photos!!!

  2. I am sad that "Kidding Around" is over! I have really enjoyed seeing your posts, Cindy! I love your photo scavenger hunt, and the journal pages you both created with them!!!!!

  3. What a fun way to end the summer of Kidding Around! It will be so fun for you guys to go back and look through this journal in the future.

  4. Wow! Over already?! Summer is still here, though! My kids are back in school already and that just blows me away! Anyway, great project! Love Scavenger Hunts! It's been fun watching you and Trevor create this book (and memories)!

  5. Another fun project!! I need to make some notes and do this activity sometime with my niece! :)

  6. Very cool! Just found your blog a few days ago and I love it. Love your fun kid crafts, your scrapbooking layouts are awesome and your kid is adorable to boot! I'll be back often!

  7. I absolutely love this prompt. The photos are a ton of fun. Your books are going to be real treasures in the years to come. Fabulous Cindy!

  8. What a fun last day!! All the projects you did were awesome!! I hope you do a summary post that shows all the pages in order - it would be so much fun to see the book all together front to back! :)

  9. I love this idea. I really need to play this with Cory. He would dig it for sure. Love your documentation too.


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