Kidding Around: 10 Cool Things About Me

Day 16 of Kidding Around asked us to begin by thinking of 10 cool things about ourselves.  This was very hard for Trevor.  He's not especially aware of his strengths and weaknesses compared to his peers, nor does he realize that his interests and talents are particularly unusual.  For example, he just assumes that all kids his age do robotics projects at home like he does.  It was hard for him to see the things he does as "cool."

Eventually, he came up with a few things.  "Not a lot of people know as much about rabbits as I do!" he told me.  "Oh, and my Pinewood Derby car got a Judges' Favorite ribbon!"  Once he thought of the first few, the others came more easily.

Here's Trevor's list, with links to the things I've blogged about:

We started by creating a misted background for the journal.  As that dried, we typed up the list of 10 things and printed it out.  Then I pulled out my deco-edge scissors.  Trevor carefully cut out each item with a different pair of scissors.  He glued them to the dry page, then stamped a title across the top and numbers by each item.  Then he drew little suns around each number.

One of my Design Team bios awhile back asked for a list of cool things about me, so it was very handy that I had already done the brainstorming.  Here's my list, with links to the things I've blogged about:

Here's how my page turned out.  I copied Trevor's sun idea because it looked so cute and festive.

I think this might be my favorite page we've done so far.  It's an interesting exercise to list cool things about yourself and I know it will be so fun looking back on it years from now.  For me, it's also a reminder that I haven't told nearly enough of the fun stories from our lives either here on the blog or in the scrapbooks.  


  1. "I was interviewed by Pauly Shore on MTV." -- Very Cool!!
    "I found a missing baby." -- wow!

    So exciting to learn more about you and Trevor!!!

  2. Another amazing and wonderful project! Such a great subject for kids, helping to build that self-esteem! :) Love this! I'm not sure I could come up with 10 Cool Things ... I will be thinking about it though!

  3. Oh wow! I am intrigued by the "Pauly Shore" interview and the "missing baby"! Would love to learn more about those!
    I agree w/ Trevor that it's difficult to think of "cool" things about ourselves! Glad he was able to do so though!

  4. What an amazing project for you two to do together! I love it!!! My kids are in a montessori school and they don't realize all the cool things they get to do that you wouldn't get to do in a public school. They go on a creek stomp, catching all sorts of fish and bugs and crayfish.....awesome for my little guys that love all things nature! I love that your son didn't realize some of the amazing things he does!!!!! Beautiful!!!

  5. Gotta love a "thinking" exercise. I think we never really know how cool we are until we've listed down our achievements eh? At least the humble among us...lol

    I think you are raising a great kid!

  6. You DEFINITELY have some stories to blog and/or scrap about for sure!! What great lists!! :)


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