Kidding Around: Make a Splash

Day 17 of Kidding Around was called "Make a Splash." The prompt was to play in the water and then make a watercolor painting. Trevor wasn't in the mood to do watercolor painting since it didn't seem special or new to him. So I suggested that we use water in a different way.

Back in my teaching days, our school celebrated Ocean Week each year. I suggested to Trevor that we do a simplified version of one of the projects my 5th graders used to do. He loved the idea, so we gathered materials: watercolor paper, tissue paper squares in a variety of blues and purples, and an eyedropper.

Begin by placing squares randomly on the paper. They should overlap somewhat, but not completely. After you have about 10 squares on the paper, use the eyedropper to drip water on top of the squares. The tissue paper should be moist, not puddly.  

Continue adding squares and dripping water until the entire paper is covered. You'll see the color bleeding out from the tissue paper.

Let your paper dry for about an hour. Pick up your paper by one end and the dry tissue paper squares will fall off. If they don't fall off, give it more drying time. It will look like this:

Once our papers were completely dry, we trimmed them to fit in our journals and glued them in place, then added writing on the opposite page. We used cardstock scraps to make some fish. Trevor decorated his fish with Stickles and then drew a picture of his shoe flying when he put it in the water feature at the park.

Here's mine. I added some Stickles waves to mine.

Another fun Kidding Around assignment!


  1. I love the watercolor pages. I never heard of that technique but it's so cool!

  2. I love this idea, Cindy! I have to give it a try on my art journaling that I am just learning! And I love how BOTH of your pages turned out!!

  3. That is SUCH a cool technique! I'd never seen it before! Thanks so much for sharing Cindy.

  4. What a fun art project!! Love how different both of yours turned out too!! :)

  5. Thank you a great technique with awesome results, hope you do not mind but i am going to try this in stead of paint. As i am doing a project on Summer, the sea,who lives under the sea and activities in the sea.
    So thank you for the activity which i am sure will be enjoyable. Love Johanna

  6. What a great idea!!!! :((((((!!!!!!

  7. can this be done on cardboard as well? thank you for this creative idea btw!! :)

    1. Yes, but I think unless the cardboard has a white coating, you're not going to get the same intensity of color. If you try it, let me know!


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