Festival of Trees

Now that Trevor is back in school, I have a tiny bit of time to do some scrapping.  It's only a tiny bit because I just started a new job, bringing my work-from-home total to about 20 hours a week.  All three jobs involve writing (as does blogging, obviously, which is not part of that 20 hours).  When I'm stuck on an assignment or my eyes need a break from the computer, I head into the scraproom for a few minutes where a huge pile of nearly-complete layouts are waiting. During a break yesterday, I added journaling to finally finish up a layout about the Festival of Trees.

Each year, just after Thanksgiving, our local skating center is transformed into a Christmas paradise: the Festival of Trees.  Local organizations decorate 100 trees with the theme of their choice, then the trees are auctioned off to raise money for a homeless shelter.  Trevor and I have been attending together since he was a baby.  He absolutely loves looking at the trees and voting for a winner.

The Festival of Trees lasts just three short days, always Tuesday through Thursday.  In the past, Steve had always been working when Trevor and I went, but this last year he was able to join us. Trevor loved showing Steve around and introducing him to what has become one of our absolute favorite parts of the Christmas season. 

The 2012 Festival was memorable not just because it was Steve's first time there.  There was a really fun scavenger hunt, which was something they'd never done before.  Trevor absolutely loved it.  The best part?  Trevor won!  

It's only August, but I'm already anxious for this year's Festival of Trees!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love love love this!!! LOVING the photos and the colors!!! And I'm with you ... I bought the collection I will be using for my Dec. Daily this year and sooooooooo want to start it! LOL!!!!

  2. Such a GREAT tradition!! Love this! :)

  3. Trevor seems to excel at everything. You must be so proud.
    I love it when you use a grid format for your layouts.

    1. I couldn't be more proud of him, but he definitely doesn't excel at everything. In this case, he won the scavenger hunt by random draw amongst the many who found the correct answers. :)

  4. Oh, I love a grid design. One of my favorites. Terrific page. Perfect spot for the title work! Looks like such a fun event.

  5. What a fun tradition. And another beautiful layout! You're making me want to take a break from my sewing projects and party planning to scrap! :)


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