Fun Times Ahead

I bought myself a present this week.  I don't do that very often... almost never, in fact.  I am very careful with money and rarely treat myself.  But I couldn't resist getting this:

Trevor has been taking a kids' cake decorating class at Every Baking Moment for about six months now.  He loves it.  Twice a month I sit in the classroom at the bakery watching him create super cute things, dying to jump in there and do some decorating myself.  It's a kids' class, otherwise I'd totally sign up.  Seriously, it is all I can do not to grab the piping bag from him.  Most of the cakes the class makes use the mini ball pan, so when I bought it I told myself it was for Trevor, even though it was really for me.  I want to do some decorating instead of just watching him!

Check out some of the adorable cakes he's made with this pan.  This ladybug was his first cake and might be my favorite to date.  He was so incredibly proud of it, and with good reason. 

Right before Father's Day, the kids made this cake to look like their dad.  It was Trevor's first time using modeling chocolate. 
This is his most recent cake.  The ears were made from fondant this time.  Each child got a monkey ring to wear after class.

I'm thinking our first project with the new pan might be our version of the fish on the packaging. Or maybe something else.  Oh, the possibilities!


  1. Soooooooo awesome!!! I am loving the cakes he has made and loving your new toy! Can't wait to see what you create with that!!

  2. Oh yay! I definitely see fun times ahead! Love his creations! They look so cute and yummy!!!

  3. AWESOME! I did the classes at Michael's about 100 years ago. I still have a whole bunch of things that I haven't used. I actually got rid of a TON of it at a garage sale, but kept things I thought I'd use. And, of course, I haven't. I have a friend that actually DOES cake decorating as a weekend job, so I've thought about giving it all to her!

  4. Ooooooh...have fun with your new toy.
    I think you should make some squid cakes...take some photos and make your own "Squid Squad" layout. *winks*

  5. Such cute cakes! I hope you and Trevor both enjoy your new purchase!! :) I'm surprised he hasn't made an angry bird one yet! LOL ;)


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